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Pat Jennings begin researching agencies to serve to be able to work in the Dalton community.  She attended a meeting through United Way introducing the local agencies United Way represented she has it narrowed down to 3 agencies, one of them being the Family Crisis Center. She recalls “I wanted to work within an agency that I felt would benefit the community the most.  About that time a relative’s daughter lost her life as the result of domestic violence.  This was my deciding factor because it was now personal and I wanted to be a part of an agency that educated and served those like her.  During my time serving on the Board and volunteering, the Staff has become like family and the mission is, even more, a part of my service.” We are so thankful at the Northwest Georgia Family Crisis Center to have had Mrs. Pat Jennings as the President of the board in 2019, and her continued involvement. Thank you, Pat Jennings, for believing in our mission, and all that you do for the Northwest Georgia Family Crisis Center.

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